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close up of hands signing a PMA on a desk

Are You Worth a Prenup?

Prenuptial agreements or premarital agreements (PMAs) are just for the rich. Premarital agreements breed or

two red suitcases and a gray suitcase sitting in airport with airplane flying by window in background

Travel As a Road to Recovery

What were the three things you missed the most during the (hopefully prior) intense lockdown

woman sitting on balcony with laptop on lap and view of trees in the distance

Get Out!

When I was a preschooler I apparently drove my mother a bit up the wall


Merideth Thompson

Merideth Thompson, Ph.D., is an educator, author, and speaker, who empowers young women with the skills they need to live a happy, productive life. It is her goal to demystify dense academic studies and data for everyday people so that they can make informed decisions for themselves. 

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