Empowering women to live happier, healthier, and wealthier lives.

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Merideth is passionate about making data-informed decisions. Unfortunately, too much academic research only gets read and used by a handful of people. To help make academia more accessible, she takes what researchers are learning, and makes it compelling and pragmatically useful to the masses. 

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Armed with knowledge and empirical data, you can rise higher in your career, get the recognition you deserve, and live a more authentic, badass life.

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Build confidence to lift the weight from your shoulders. Become empowered to leave toxic bosses, jobs or relationships, and take on challenges or risks even when they scare you. 

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You are not alone in your struggles. With evidence-based solutions or tactics, you can keep obstacles from undermining your health, wealth, and happiness.

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3 Surprising Myths About the Benefits of Your Mobile Device

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About the TED Talk

More than ever before we are tethered to work through our cell phone or other mobile device. We check an online report while at a child’s soccer game or school play. We read work email while out to dinner with friends. How does this affect our lives, our relationships, and our happiness—both as employees and as people? What could life be like if we cut the proverbial cord? Or if we at least mindfully cut it on a regular basis? How would that affect the most important people in our lives?

About Merideth

Merideth Thompson, Ph.D., is an educator, author, and speaker, who empowers individuals with the skills they need to live happy, productive lives. It is her goal to demystify dense academic studies and data for everyday people so that they can make informed decisions for themselves.

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From writing, speaking, and career coaching, to rock climbing and family time, you can get empowerment inspiration when you follow Merideth Thompson on Instagram. Here are some recent highlights.

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Merideth can provide one-on-one coaching and executive consulting services. She also routinely speaks at both public and private events on topics related to negotiation, conflict resolution, toxic workplaces, work-life balance, and remote workers.

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